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Take advantage of nine unique loadouts and their special abilities to fill every role on the battlefield. 


Tanks put the team on their back, absorbing enemy shots with their shield and diamond armor and buffing allies with their game changing support abilities. Rally your allies with abilities like Tank Up or cripple your opponents with Lethargy to swing fights in your team's favor. A tank's tactical prowess will determine the fate of a match.


Engineers control the terrain of the battle, digging trenches or tunnels with their iron pickaxe and bolstering defenses with raw materials. Leverage schematics to quickly place down massive structures such as the Tower or Bridge. Control the ground your opponents fight on and you control their fate.


Skirmishers are prepared for anything. Take down enemies with your crossbow and reveal their location with spectral arrows. Then take the fight in close with your shortsword, getting a unique bonus for hitting enemies hit with your arrows such as the Hunter Blade or Soul Drain weapon styles. Take down opponents at the distance they are least prepared for.


Ninjas speed across the battlefield, picking off enemies with poison or warping in to steal the flag. Fly across the battlefield with Leap, using your shuriken to harass your enemies. Finish them off with your shadow knife, using Toxic End or blink out of combat when enemies think they have you trapped. No fortress is safe from a ninja.


Gladiators don't need to fight fair if it means another victory. Bring enemies down to size using your net to Entangle them. Throw your trident to take advantage of lethal abilities like Impale.  A cunning gladiator renders foes helpless in the heat of battle.


Anarchists bring chaos to the battlefield. Use TNT to blow holes in enemy structures or the enemies themselves. Use your launcher to lob an explosive Grenade or spew deadly Chemical clouds at strategic points in the warzone. Whether clearing a path for your team or blowing up the entire map, anarchists make an impact.


Berserkers are glass cannon killing machines, specialized at taking down unprepared groups single handedly. Finish off enemies with your diamond axe to gain a bonus such as Life Thief to keep your axe swinging. Risk it all with abilities like Brawn that trade your own life for a powerful bonus. Kill or be killed, only your axe can decide your fate.

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