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Corona Cup

The Corona CTF team is excited to present The Corona Cup! On July 25th, teams of 4 will face off to determine which players are the best flag capturers in Minecraft.


The tournament will be divided into two parts:

a best-of-one round robin series will determine each team’s seed in an overall bracket.

a best-of-three single elimination series until only the champions remains


During the round robin series, all matches will be fought on the Canyon map

During the single elimination series, matches can take place on Canyon, Castles or Pagoda.

The higher seeded team will pick the first map of each set and then the loser of each match will select the next map in the set.


Champion: 10% team booster for one month, 1,000 Corona Coins

Runner-up: 500 Corona Coins

Quarterfinalist: 200 Corona Coins

All competitors will have their standings displayed whenever another player hovers over their name in chat.

Tournament will commence at 1 PM EST on July 25th

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Dec 08, 2020


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