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Updates June 24 2020

This past week has been great for Corona CTF! We introduced a number of additions and changes to improve the game, we began advertising the server more publicly and created a community wiki which will serve as a home for all information related to the game.

New Abilities

We added a new movement ability to Fighter and another arrow to Ranger this week. The Fighter can now utilize a bull rush to charge forward at an enemy, launching upward the first enemy they hit. Alternatively, the Fighter can leverage a tiger pounce, allowing them to jump upward and scale walls, dealing extra damage if they hit an enemy on the way down.

The new Ranger ability, primordial arrow creates a large thorny thicket wherever the arrow lands. We even posted this on reddit where the thorny thicket animation was on the front page for a day!

First Town Hall

We had our first public Town Hall event tonight on twitch! Thank you to everyone who joined us as we talked about our progress and future of the server. You can view the broadcast here if you missed it live, where you can see a showcase of the upcoming Wizard class.

New Match of the Week - Herculaneum

Join us Thursday at 8PM EDT to play the new map of the week, a modified Castles in which the floor is literally lava. The only class allowed here is Engineer, so practice your speed bridging for this build-based battle.

Community Wiki

We started progress on a new community wiki! This will hold important information about the classes, abilities and guides on how to play. Check out the Fighter class page to see an example of how each class will look. Help us grow the wiki by contributing today!

If you haven't already, join the discord at and join the server in Minecraft from 1.15 or the new 1.16 at

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1 Comment

Jun 25, 2020

thursday gonna be epic

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